Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mitte vom Februar 2018

The Previous post at our fabled blog can be found here for your convenience.!! Good stuff, with some items relevant to this week's activity in German class at Enloe.

German Day! Wednesday, March 14, 2018, a B Day. We can start collecting fees for German Day this week. Check out the Website for More Information on the event!

Registration (required from all participants) - $7
Bus Ride - $20
T-Shirt (optional) - $10
Lunch is on your own, with dining options listed at the website above.

All Checks made out to Enloe High School

Driving yourself to the event is allowed, at my discretion. Forms Below:

Form #1 - Permission from your Parent to be a passenger in a classmate's vehicle. Print the form, fill out it completely, have your parents read and sign it, and then return the form to me.

Form #2 - Permission to Drive to German Day and carry passengers to German Day. Print the form and fill it out completely, give to your parent to sign and then return completed signed form to me.

National German Exam! Congratulations to everyone scoring 90% or higher on the NGE. Here is the link to the Application for Travel Award - See me if you have questions!

Information on the AATG National German Exam Summer Study Award

Was hat er an? Wie gefällt dir das Hemd? - Speaking about clothes
Talking about clothes - notes
Wie findest du die Klamotten? More speaking about clothes
Stem-Vowel Changing Verbs - first look
Stem-vowel changing verbs - notes
gefallen - Wie gefällt dir das? - review of verb gefallen
Conversation with gefallen
Stem-Vowel Changing Verbs - Conversation
AUdio for Listening Exercise #4 
Audio for Listening Exercise #5 

Review article endings, before tackling adjective endings!
Adjective Endings Examples.
Case in German - A short Explication. - I wrote this 5 page overview of what the German Case System is all about. Do the examples and show them to me for feedback. Hope it helps!!
Adjectives used as Nouns

Fragen zu deinen Klassenkameraden
ein Klassentreffen - Gespräch - Schreibübung
Doppelinfinitiv - Gespräch
Doppelinfinitiv - Partnerarbeit