Saturday, November 13, 2010

neue Woche - beginnt am Montag, dem 15. November 2010

Deutsch 1
School Essay Assignment

Deutsch 3
Kapitel 3 - Familie und Nachbarn - Vokabeln
Vocab review - die Kreuzung
Fahren in der Stadt herum - ein kurzes Video. Kannst du das auf deutsch beschreiben?
Exam Essays - Kapitel 2
Listening Test Sound Files - Kapitel 2

Deutsch 4
Thema 4 - Einstieg in das Thema - Familie
Hausaufgabe - Donnerstagabend - auf ein zweites Blatt Papier beantworte ordentlich mit ganzen Sätzen und Diskussion die Fragen vom Anmerkungsblatt, das du heute bekamst. Lesen genau die Interviews, Seite 87, mit Vokabeln und Reaktionen - Übung A, Seite 88.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

am 4. Oktober 2010 - eine neue Woche

A Study log sheet for you! you may use it and get it completely filled out for extra credit bonus points.

Deutsch 1

Test on Wednesday - Chapter 2
Beginnen wir Kapitel 3 - Was machst du?
Was machst du in der Freizeit? - Vocabulary
Conversation Exercise - Was machst du in der Freizeit?
Was macht er? Was macht sie? - conversation
Was macht ihr? 2nd person plural - conversation
Schreibübung - was machen sie?
Present tense in German - short study - notes
Using gern to indicate a liking for an activity
Monikas Woche - Schreibübung
Present Tense Verb Conjugation

Deutsch 2
Reflexive Verbs - review #1
Reflexive Verbs Review #2
Reflexive Verbs Review #3
Review Jugendherberge Vocabulary
Wednesday - completing our Jugendherberge Posters
Homework (Tuesday Evening) - Übungen vom text - #15, 16, 17 - Kapitel 2 - word order of personal pronouns and dative and accusative case objects
Camping! - conversation exercise with word order issues.
Camping, yet again! - Conversation Exercise

Deutsch 3
Prien und Chiemsee - Google Map
Review Sheet Kapitel 1 - der Chiemsee in Bayern
Hausaufgabe (Montagabend - review Kapitel 1A Closely, read and study pages 14-22
Your Maps - due Wednesday
European Railway Server - Tolle Bilder von europäischen Zügen
Train Videos

Deutsch 4
Thema 2 Project ideas
Thema 2 Vocab Quiz
Hausaufgabe - Übung H, Seite 51 - völlig aufschreiben - getippt!
Seiten 265-267, L, M - auch getippt!!

AP Deutsch
Meinung ausdrücken - Anmerkungsblatt

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Woche 2 - den 7. September 2010

Deutsch 1
Wie alt bist du?
Die Zahlen - 1 - 20
Wo wohnst du? - conversation/vocabulary
#11, #12 in Kapitel 1
read pages 15-25 closely, then exercises #13 and #16.
Steckbrief - Wo liegt dein Wohnort?

Deutsch 3
conversation with weil
ob und dass - conversations
conjunctions - partnerwork

Deutsch 4
Thema 1 Speaking Test Topics
Review Questions for Conversations

AP Deutsch
Ein Tag im Leben - fantasiert! - zwei Seiten, getippt, mit doppeltem Zeilenabstand, von einem außerordentlichen Tag in in deinem Leben. Verwende die neuen Vokabeln, Wörter, Ausdrücke von der Gudrun-Erzählung, und auch von den letzten zwei Hörübungen. Sei kreativ, phantasievoll, und schreib alles im Präsens, als ob du einen Traum leuchtend und aktuell erzählt. erster Entwurf fällig am Montag, getippt!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hello everyone! Another year gone by at Enloe High School. It was an excellent year, I do declare. Enloe is a great place to be, and despite the rumblings at the school board meetings and the uncertainty of the new school board's policies, I have hope that the future bodes well for our fine school community that is Enloe.

I few highlights of the 2009-2010 year include the following:

First let's honor our seniors this year, graduating from Enloe and from our German program:
Amaanti S. (Elon University), Kurt S.H. (NC State), Nathaniel v.S. (Western Carolina), Ryan Baldridge (Eastern Carolina), Hannah E. (NC State), Justin D. (Appalachian State), Zack L. (NC State), Kurt P. (Wake Tech), Eric K. (UNC-Greensboro), David B. (UNC-Greensboro), Christina J. (Wake Tech), Eddie Z. (Wake Tech). Gratulation!

In January 2010, our German students took the National German Exam, and a good number of them scored in in the 80th percentile and above! There were several students who scored above the 90th percentile - Alexandra F., Brendan M., Mary Grayson B., Lily H. - and they were eligible to apply for a Summer Study Trip to Germany this summer. Alexandra and Brendan applied and made it to a final round. They didn't get the award, but their efforts in German language have been exemplary!! I was really proud of them!

In March 2010, we traveled to Winston-Salem for the annual German Day festivities, and we scored 2nd overall among the schools who attended! We had lots of winners: in the Kultur-Pokal - Mary Grayson B. Brenna Y. and Megan S., whose winning answer of Walther von der Vogelweide secured their first place win. We earned a third place commendation in the Songs competition with Kelly T., Chloe O., Lucas K. and Matt A. singing a rousing rendition of Moskau. Ann C. scored a first place in the Spelling Bee, which was awesome, and Joel G. scored a third place in the same competition. It was without a doubt a successful, fun day at Wake Forest University with our awesome students.

Because of these successes, the NC Chapter of the AATG decided to award me their annual Duden Award. I was really honored to receive this award, given the high number of excellent colleagues across the state teaching German. Because of our Enloe german students I got this award, so hats off to you all!

I am starting to plan for the GAPP's that time again! I posted a preliminary document about the trip for 2011 - dates, costs and what not - that you can peruse. This week I'll send CETA Tours, who took care of our Munich arrangements in the summer of 2009, info about our week in Berlin. If you're interested in going on the GAPP trip send me an email at and I'll put you on a mailing list. I set up a website for our previous GAPP trip,, and you can check it for some highlights of our trip in 2009. It was incredible, and I hope to replicate the experience in 2011!

We inducted new members of our Chapter of the German National Honor Society, Delta Epsilon Phi. They are Gabriela P., Nicole M., Christine M., Jasmine V., Brendan M. Good job, people!!

That's all for now! Have a great summer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Montag, der 18. April 2010 - der Plan

Deutsch 1
Dative Review exercise
Nouns in the Dative Case - Cybergerman explication
Was willst du deiner Familie zu Weihnachten schenken? - Conversation exercise with the dative case.
Wem kaufst du das Geschenk? - Conversation exercise with the dative and accusative case.
Mit wem gehst du denn einkaufen? Dative with certain prepositions - mit, in this case
Von wem ist das Geschenk? - conversation exercise with the dative case preposition von

Deutsch 3
Kapitel 6 - review powerpoint
Der Erlkönig - videos
Download VLC Media Player

Deutsch 4
Review of Kapitel 8 - powerpoint

AP Deutsch
Goethes Faust - a translation

Saturday, April 10, 2010

neue Woche - Montag, der 12. April 2010

Welches Wort gefällt dir am besten?
Vote for your favorite expression for "super" or "toll"

Jugendliche in Deutschland!
Check out this website and learn some new things that German teenagers do and say.

Deutsch 2

Read the entire text before clicking to see your images!!
Your Fotos! Click to see them and get some information on them - when you find your picture, click the tiny little link underneath the photo called Image Information. Some of your images didn't have this info available. You'll have to guess or make up the technical information on these pictures.

Deutsch 3
Lebensläufe - Beispiele - Nummer 1 Nummer 2 Nummer 3
Kapitel 6B - review sheet - modals in the simple past
Conversation - Modals in the Past Tense
wann/ob usage and practice - conversation exercise/notes.
How to talk like a German Pirate
Der berühmteste deutsche Pirat, Klaus Störtebeker
Klaus Störtebeker - Wikipedia Page

Monday, March 15, 2010

neue Woche - der 15. März 2010

Deutsch 1
Beginnen wir Kapitel 9 - Vergnügen und Arbeit!
Freizeit / Aktivitäten - review
Was machst du in der Freizeit?
Freizeit - Powerpoint Presentation
Was gibt's heute im Fernsehen? - Conversation exercise
Was läuft heute im Kino? - Conversation Exercise

Deutsch 2
Beginnen wir Kapitel 7 - Hobbys und Interessen!
Interessierst du dich dafür? - Conversation exercise
Vokabelliste - Ich fotografiere gern!

Deutsch 3
Die Hansestädte Hamburg und Bremen - Fragen zum Text, Seiten 191 ff.
Scribble Maps - create a custom google map . . . . - creating a word cloud
Kapitel 6A - vocab quiz

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Die Woche, anfangs Montag, der 15. Februar 2010

Deutsch 1
Skits - perform them today in Class!
Chapter 7 Test on Tuesday
Ordinalzahlen - Wann hast du Geburtstag?
Geschenke! Was für Geschenke möchtest du?

Deutsch 2
Chapter 5 Test on Tuesday
Review of the Case system in German Nouns

Deutsch 3
Word Clouds - - create a word cloud from two lengthy sentences found in our readings on Wien, Prag and Budapest. Print them and bring them to class tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week of January 19, 2010

Deutsch 1
Cafe Phrases to use on Friday

Deutsch 3
Menschen und Mächte - Friedrich Barbarossa - Seiten 129ff - Vokabelliste (20) und #15
Lesen genau 131-134 - Wenn-Sätze mit Konjunktiv II

Deutsch 4
Klassenarbeit - S. 321ff, D,E,F
Biografie, Seiten 136-143, Schreiben D,E; Lesen/Lernen genau 324-327 - der Genitiv
Carolin - Fragen zum Text
Schule und Beruf, Seite 140 - welchen Schulabschluss braucht man für die folgenden Berufe?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week of Monday, January 4, 2010

This week the National German Exam will be administered. On these days, the exam will take place during 1st and 2nd period in room 0618. Mrs. Tolomeo will administer the exam. Bring several number 2 pencils. Here is the schedule:

  1. Tuesday, January 5, 2010 - German 2 students taking the exam report to room 0618
  2. Thursday, January 7, 2010 - German 3 students taking the exam report to room 0618
  3. Friday, January 8, 2010 - German 4 students taking the exam report to room 0618
Here is a list of participants and a summary of the testing information.
Sound Files for Download

German 2,3,4 - Class Survey - In den Winterferien.........
German 1 - Begin Kapitel 6 - Essen und Trinken.......
Notes on Kapitel 6
Was magst du lieber?
müssen - conversation exercise
wollen - conversation exercise

AP German
DeutschKurs bei Deutscher Welle
langsam gesprochene Nachrichten - Diesntag der 5. Januar 2010