Saturday, September 23, 2023

Ende September, 2023

 Wow, so long since an update. I could go on and on about what has transpired since the end of 2021, almost two years ago, but I'll spare you, only to say that I remain alive and well, still teaching, in my 31st year of a teaching career, and moving along steadily on the path called my life. People I love are in close contact, hobbies continue to be cultivated, and the scenes outside of my hallowed life, the life I feel most in control of, those peripheral scenes of politics, sports and advertising, are kept at bay for the most part. There is a toxicity to those layers of the humanosphere that are better left on the fringes. Carry on, friends!

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Ende, Dezember 2021

Specifically, December 26, 2021, after almost two full years of knowledge that a certain Covid virus was discovered in China, and then speculating and predicting outcomes through the new year into 2020, discussions with family, friends, students, whether this thing can be contained, and then after seeing my international travel plans for March 2020, a trip to Palestine and Israel with my big bro, who famously said he wouldn't let this virus disrupt his plans to travel overseas (trip was cancelled! - along with life in general on many levels, during that uncertain tumultuous time), finally, well, I skipped many sections, but I can get to them, finally I update the front page of

I suppose I felt after the world changed mightily and my professional responsibilities pivoted enormously, I could reasonably abandon the site for a while. Students had asked about it, and said they missed it. I still use the page as my personal homepages on many a machine. still gives me quick access to internet destinations I use regularly, although it probably needs an update.

In any case, here are some mileposts since that fateful March, 2020, when the world became dark:

  • March 2020, lockdowns begin, Online school begins.
  • Summer 2020, nationwide protests against police brutality.
  • Trump still in office as President, completely mismanaging a raging pandemic for personal reasons.
  • Academic year 2020-2021 begins online and stays online until further notice.
  • November, 2020, free and fair election pulled off in America, and predictably, Biden beats Trump and even more predictably, Trump refuses to concede and launches a vigorous campaign to discredit the results with interminable lawsuits, lies, and madness.
  • Also November 2020, another Supreme Court Justice appointed and confirmed by the senate in rapid fire motion, further solidifying Republicans as a party of hypocrites.
  • Jan 2021 - first vaccines being shipped and jabbed into people's arms.
  • Jan 6, 2021 - a violent mob storms the Capitol Building while the Vice-President Mike Pence fulfilled his constitutional duties of counting the elector votes. A fateful day, horrible in its unleashing, horrible in the roles that elected Republican officials played in fomenting this grotesque spectacle against our Democracy.
  • Jan 20, 2021 - Biden takes office; Trump doesn't show up. He begins his role as Republican kingmaker, of sorts. Terrible.
  • Online school shift to a hybrid model at Enloe High School.
  • Feb / March 2021 - got vaccinated against this damn virus.
  • Summer 2021 - took a road trip to Michigan to visit mom and brothers and their families.
  • August 2021 - in-person school commences, with mask-wearing and all the stressors that that can bring to the instructional table. Wearing masks while teaching German stinks.
  • September 2021 - got boosted.
  • Music-making remained a strong feature of my lockdown time. Neptune Down still active in a way, began rehearsing again with Real-Time Dreaming.
  • October 2021, started playing bass guitar with a new outfit, cover band
  • December 26, 2021 - maintaining a semblance of normalcy......

A terse overview, and the pandemic continues to disrupt major elements of our lives. Hadn't gotten Covid-19, I feel strong and healthy enough, still take mitigating steps to prevent infection - these steps aren't too disruptive. There was a time in the Spring of 2021 I wore no mask in the stores, because case numbers were lower than ever. Masks........."why do we gotta wear a diaper on our faces?"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Ende März 2020

Hallo, Schüler! I sincerely hope you are hanging in there. I updated all accounts at the website: with the information you entered in the forms - links to which are in messages. Use the credentials you typed in, and give it a go!! For now I set a points goal of 50 for next week. Check your feed when you lo ongto the website. Bookmark the website!! You choose the assignments to do for now, and accumulate points for all correct answers. Take a look at the graphic for some guidance.

Kudos to Ashley and Lauren in German 4 who have begun exploring and accumulating points!! I will be curious to hear what you think of this resource.

Stay safe!! social distancing auf deutsch = soziale Distanzierung........oder Abstand halten........

Neue Links:

Deutsch 2 Blog -
Deutsch 3 Blog -
Deutsch 4 Blog -

Monday, March 9, 2020

Mitte März 2020

Deutsch 1
Test on Chapter 6 - Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Deutsch 2
EInkaufen - Gespräch
Quiz - Kapitel 6A - Demonstrative pronouns, vocabulary (fruits and veggies), Vocab from the dialogue and reading on Germany shopping habits. Friday (B), Monday (A)
Demonstrative Pronouns - Review
Kaufhaus - Review - Presentation
Im Kaufhaus - Gespräch
Kaufhaus-Werbung Projekt - Kapitel 6B
Einkaufen!! - Film Projekt - Kapitel 6

Deutsch 3
Kapitel 5 Prüfung - Montag, den 16. März 2020 - Study Guide
Konjunktiv II / adjective endings - review
Wünsche in der Vergangenheit - practice
Wandern Vokabeln - Review
Prag / Wien / Budapest

Deutsch 4
Fragen zum text „Es" - Seiten 10-13
Hausaufgabe - die nächsten zwei Seiten von „Es" lesen, Seiten 14-15, glossieren, genießen!
Lesen Sie auch von unsrem Text, Seiten 123-127, der Erlkönig!
Schreiben Sie völlig aus Übung B, Seite 125, und Übung F, Seite 127. Von Übung F wählen Sie nur zwei Themen davon aus. Fällig Montag, am 16. März.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Februar 2020 - das Jahr vergeht langsam....!

German Day!!
Field Trip Teacher Notification Form - Please Print and share with B-Day Teachers!!!!

National German Exam 2020! I will announce the Gold, Silver and Bronze recipients this week! Congratulations in advance and thank you all for participating. Gold Award recipients may be eligible to apply for a scholarship to go to Germany this summer. Here is more information on the Study Award Trip. Application due March 6, 2020!!!!!!

Deutsch 1
Wie schmeckt's? - Foto Präsentation
Kapitel 6 Notes - key phrases
wollen - to want - Conversation
Mögen - to like - conversation, part 1
mögen - conversation, part 2
müssen - must - conversation
möchten - would like - conversation
Cafe Script / Project

Deutsch 2
Homework, due Wednesday, 5 Feb for B day, Thursday 6 Feb for A day:
Kapitel 5 - alles lesen und lernen!
Lesen, Seiten, 149-157
Schreiben Übungen #22, 23, 26, 27
Fertig schreibenn - Handouts von heute
Case in German - review of all the different cases in German
Test Review Study Guide - And Schedule for Next Week
Genitiv Conversation - review
Genitiv conversation #2 - review
Google Form Quiz - Kapitel 5A
Google Form Quiz - Kapitel 5 - Lesestück - Gehen wir zur Pizzeria! 
Kapitel 5A - Kahoot!
Kapitel 5B - Kahoot

Deutsch 3

Adjektivendungen - Summary Sheet
Komparativ- und Superlativformen - Wiederholung
Fragen - Partnerarbeit
Angeber!! Gespräch, Komparativ- und Superlativformen im Einsatz
Conversation - comparative and superlative forms.
Zu einer Rüpelgesellschaft geworden?  Aufsatz
Budapest Sehenswürdigkeiten -
Prag Sehenswürdigkeiten -
Wien - Sehenswürdigkeiten -
Foto-Mini Projekt - Wien, Prag und Budapest

Deutsch 4
Fragen - Dativ im Einsatz
Clara Schumann (1819-1896)
Assignments for today - February 14, 2020

Monday, January 6, 2020

ein neues Jahr beginnt - 2020!!!

National German Exam QUIA Website: Click to Login and start the exam!!!!

Hallo meine SchülerInnen! Hier sind ein paar Ankündigungen (announcements), besonders über German Day!!!!


Thema: Ode an die Freude, ode an die Erde! - ein ökologisches Thema, basiert auf die berühmte Melodie von Ludwig van Beethoven und Gedicht von Friedrich Schiller
Wann: am Mittwoch, dem 4. März 2020, ein „B" - Tag
Wo: Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem
Kosten: $30 für die Busfahrt, $7 für die individuelle Anmeldung und $10 für ein T-Shirt

Here is a sign-up sheet to consider, with links to important docs (rules, spelling bee words, verb list)

Poems for German Day, 2020
Wer fährt mit uns aufs Meer? - Text
Wer fährt mit uns aufs Meer? - Video
Extemporaneous Speaking

Man kann bei der folgenden Website für German Day bezahlen:

National German Exam Information - PLEASE READ!!!

German 2
Was gibt's zu essen und zu trinken? Sprachübung
ein originales Menü - Projekt
Genitiv - Wessen CD ist das?
Genitiv #2 - Wen besuchst du nach dem Einkaufen???

Deutsch 3
Imperativ Voice - / Brettspiele - quiz
Verben mit Präpositionen - Übung
Wenn / dann statements using Subjunctive II
Study Guide for test on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Deutsch 4
Sammlung Deutscher Gedichte
Funtrivia - Germany -
In-Class Competition for German Day!
Homework assignment due Monday - Kapitel 4 - S. 292ff, Übungen I, J, K, L, M - nur J völlig aufschreiben
Notes on the grammar pages, Kapitel 4.
Quiz on Monday - ten verbs, 5 old ones, 5 news, from the erste Runde
Read the fairy tale - die sieben Raben, 98-106
Review Thema 4, the readings (all of them!) and the vocabulary lists.
Test on Friday, January 17, 2020 - ein Study-Guide für Sie!!
Thema 5 - Musik / Kapitel 5 - ins Thema einsteigen
Musikpreisverleihungsprojekt und Hausaufgabe für den Dienstag nächster Woche
Interessante Vokabel für die Videoprojekte - könnt ihr euch andere ausdenken? Schreibt mal eure Vokabel

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Dezember ist angekommen . . . 2019!

Announcements" if you haven't paid yet for the National German Exam, please do so at your earliest convenience. The fee is $6.00, cash or check made out to Enloe HS. You can also pay online at the Enloe High School Website

Let's start thinking about German Day!!!!!! Basic information:

Theme: Ode an die Freude, ode an die Erde! - an environmental theme, based on the world-famous Beethoven melody and Friedrich Schiller poem.
When: Wednesday, March 4, 2020, a B day
Where: Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem
Costs: $30 for the charter bus ride, $7 for registration and $10 for the t-shirt

Here is a sign-up sheet to consider, with links to important docs (rules, spelling bee words, verb list)

German 1
Conversations with Was/Wer/Wen

German 2
Homework - for Thursday's A day, and for Friday's B day
Ideas for mini-projects, due late next week

German 3
Study how commands are formed in German - quiz on Thursday on commands.
Here is a nice website that describes the imperative in a more thorough manner.
Homework: read and study closely pages 109-120.
Write out exercises #8 (page 117) #9 (page 120)
Verbs with prepositions
If/Then statements, using Konjunktiv II 

German 4
Thema 4 - Familie - Vokabeln und auch Hausaufgabe für Mittwoch