Sunday, September 28, 2014

Es ist Herbst! Und Oktober 2014 beginnt diese Woche.....

Deutsch 1
On Friday of this week there will be a test on Chapter Two. The main topics of this chapter include:
  1. family relationship words
  2. Question words in German
  3. Formation of Yes/No questions
  4. Numbers from 21 on
  5. Days of the week
  6. telling time
  7. Genders of common German nouns.
Exercises dealing with these topics can be found at an earlier blog post. 
Wo ist er? Wo ist sie? Conversation
Exercise on Interrogatives, yes/no questions, verb conjugations
Online Quiz - Interrogatives!
Important time expressions in German

Deutsch 2
On Friday of this week there will be a test on Kapitel 2 - Im Sommer! Topics include:
  1. vocabulary dealing with Jugendherbergen
  2. reflexive verbs
  3. camping vocabulary
  4. personal pronouns in the accusative and dative case
In der Jugendherberge! Vocabulary review!
Reflexive Verb Exercise - Conversation!
Conversation exercise utilizing accusative case pronouns 
Conversation exercise utilizing both accusative and dative case personal pronouns

Deutsch 3
You should know the principal parts of these strong verbs.
an der Kreuzung

Deutsch 4
We have a test on Thema 2 and Kapitel 2 on Friday of this week.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Die Woche des 22. Septembers 2014 - oh wie schön!

Deutsch 1
For test gaining extra test points on Unit 1, carefully write the following exercises on a blank sheet of paper. Write them completely and neatly. These exercises come directly from your textbook. These are due on Friday, without exception.

  • Page 15, #11 and 12
  • Page 19, #13
  • Page 28, #21
  • Page 29, #24

Deutsch 2
Was machen diese Leute?? - Reflexivverben review!
Conversation - Reflexive Verbs
Another review of Reflexive verbs
Reflexive pronouns review
Verbal Phrases Study
Jugendherberge Poster Project

AP Deutsch
Franz Kafka - Ein Landarzt - annotated text
Background/Analysis of Ein Landarzt

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fortfahren mit dem September - dritte Woche, am 15. September 2014!

Deutsch 1
We have begun Kapitel 2 - zu Hause

Family members are the main focus! and also telling time.
We'll also study word order in German - very important!!! Click these links for previews of these important topics.

Die Familie!!!
Deine Familie!!
Group assignment - describing family members
Familientreffen! - Gespräch (conversation)
Wo ist dein Bruder? - Gespräch 
MASSIVE Collection of German last names. Choose one that begins with the same last name as yours.
Expressing time in German 
Wann kommst du rüber? - Gespräch!
Asking wann - when - more time conversations!
Telling time in German - notesheet
Word Order in German - notesheet

On Friday, we shall have a test that covers the first unit. I will give you three incomplete paragraphs or conversations, and you will need to supplement the conversations with appropriate words. You will also be given a blank map of Germany and you will need to need correctly label the locations of the three city states in German AND 5 other states, plus their capital cities. I will pinpoint where the state capitals are the map; you will simply label 5 states of your choice and their capital cities.

various sounds of cuckoo Clocks!!! CLICK HERE!

Deutsch 2
Wir begannen Kapitel 2 - Im Sommer!! Das Hauptthema: Jugendherbergen in Deutschland! Klassenreisen!
Beginnen wir mit einem Fragebogen (questionnaire).
Reflexivverben - Anmerkungen (notes)
Reflexivverben - Gespräch
Verbal Phrases Study - review.
Irregular verbs - big list!!!!!!

Deutsch 3
Prüfung, Kapitel 1, am Freitag!
Zugreise Projekte fällig am Mittwoch.
Ich verlange drei Aufgaben von euch:
  • eine hübsch angelegte Landkarte von der Reise nach Prien
  • einen Absatz von deiner Reise, getippt, komplett, im Imperfekt geschrieben
  • eine Aufnahme (recording) von deiner Reise, gemacht nur mit der Landkarte in der Hand.

Monday, September 8, 2014