Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week 2 - Deutschunterricht bei Enloe School

Guten Tag! Hier gibt es einige wichtige Links für die zweite Woche des Semesters.

Deutsch 1
Review Greetings, etc. with Conversation
Talking about other people
Partnerwork - Wie heißt er? Und wie heißt sie?
Review Sheet - Greetings, Introductions
German Names - choose a German surname (family name)
Notes - alternative way of asking who someone is: Wer ist das?

Deutsch 2
Review body parts with partnerwork - Was machen sie mit dem Körperteil?
Notes: Case in German, Dative case in particular
Verbs in German that always have dative case objects
Dative Case endings - Assignment
Wem kaufst du das? - Conversation 1

Deutsch 3
pdf File of list of irregular verbs in German - for Deutsch 2, 3, 4 und auch APGerman!
Berufe! - ein kleines Mini-Projekt
Ayse geht zum Zahnarzt! - Fragen zum Verständnis
the past perfect - das Plusquamperfekt

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lessons for Week 1

Deutsch 1
Click this link to view some essential weblinks for your first lessons in German!
Guten Tag and Auf Wiedersehen - Handout/Notesheet for you!
Wie geht es dir? Wie geht es Ihnen? - Asking how are you??

Deutsch 2
Body Parts in German - Quizlet!
German Medical Vocabulary
Der Körper - Image!

Deutsch 3
Berufe! Was willst du mal in der Zukunft werden?
Massive List of oldtime German professions
More professions in German
Hausaufgabe - lesen Seiten 305-307, mit Anmerkungsblatt

Deutsch 4
Beginnen wir Thema 1 - Freizeit - mit Partner/Klassendiskussion über unsre Lieblingsfreizeitbeschäftigungen
Besprechen wir die Graphik - Freizeitstudie - Seite 6 - Gedanken und Meinungen zum Inhalt.
Hausaufaufgabe - Projekt - Meine Woche - Gruppenarbeit #1, Seite 8 - Sieh Rubrik davon!
Lesen Seiten 9 - 11 - 50 000 Skater voll auf der Rolle!
Kapitel 1 - Seiten 242-247 - Schreiben A, B und C

AP German

Auf ein Blatt Papier stellt eine grosse Liste von neuen Vokabeln, Ausdrücken, usw von der Erzählung Frau Hitt. benutzt die Website, als Hilfsmittel. Mindestens 2o Einträge auf der Liste.

Hausaufgabe: Übung D, Seite 352. Im Konjunktiv II, natürlich!!

Pacing Guides and Guidelines Information

Guten Abend. Today was a fast-moving day at Enloe. We mostly went over guidelines and expectations of our respective German courses. We'll finish and continue reviewing these tomorrow in class. It is very important you all understand that learning a modern foreign language requires that teenagers speak and interact efficiently and effectively. But to do this requires both a higher level of self-control and also social risk-taking, which sometimes contradict each other in group settings. I could teach in a traditional manner, with loads of notes, lectures, etc. but it wouldn't be authentic second language learning. Review the guidelines closely.

Here are copies various pacing guides that I will use to guide instruction this year.

German 1 Pacing Guide
German 2 Pacing Guide
German 3 Pacing Guide

Enloe High School Rules will be strictly enforced, especially the tardy policy. If you are not in your seat when the tardy bell rings, you'll be assigned detention on the next possible ASD (after-school detention) day, which will be announced/written on the side announcement board in our classroom. Here is a copy of tardy slips I'll use to assign these dreaded detentions:

Tardy Slips for Excessive/Unproductive talking and tardiness

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Course Guidelines and Expectations

Here is a copy of the course guidelines, which applies equally to each of my German classes at Enloe High School. Actual topics covered in each level of our German class will be distributed later in the week or posted at this website. I'll include a copy of last year's syllabus for German 4; the topics will be the same this year.

Course Guidelines and Expectations for German at Enloe - 2009-2010
Course Guidelines for German Level 4, 2008-2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ich heiße Euch . . . . Willkommen!

Another year at Enloe, and I hope you all had a terrific summer. Ours was good, the highlight being the German GAPP Exchange trip from June 18th to July 12th. That was awesome. Fourteen Enloe High students accompanied me and a parent-chaperone to Schwetzingen, Germany and Munich for a three-week sojourn. In two years we'll do it again, so you freshmen and sophomores with me this year (and also graduating seniors, if you're so inclined!) start saving some money and thinking about the GAPP exchange in 2011.

Last year I had 5 different websites for my German classes, this year I am going to use a single weblog (blog) to communicate with students and parents. So keep checking in to see what's new at Enloe's German program. I look forward to working with all of you this year!

Auf Wiedersehen! -- Herr Kandah