Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Dezember ist angekommen . . . 2019!

Announcements" if you haven't paid yet for the National German Exam, please do so at your earliest convenience. The fee is $6.00, cash or check made out to Enloe HS. You can also pay online at the Enloe High School Website

Let's start thinking about German Day!!!!!! Basic information:

Theme: Ode an die Freude, ode an die Erde! - an environmental theme, based on the world-famous Beethoven melody and Friedrich Schiller poem.
When: Wednesday, March 4, 2020, a B day
Where: Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem
Costs: $30 for the charter bus ride, $7 for registration and $10 for the t-shirt

Here is a sign-up sheet to consider, with links to important docs (rules, spelling bee words, verb list)

German 1
Conversations with Was/Wer/Wen

German 2
Homework - for Thursday's A day, and for Friday's B day
Ideas for mini-projects, due late next week

German 3
Study how commands are formed in German - quiz on Thursday on commands.
Here is a nice website that describes the imperative in a more thorough manner.
Homework: read and study closely pages 109-120.
Write out exercises #8 (page 117) #9 (page 120)
Verbs with prepositions
If/Then statements, using Konjunktiv II 

German 4
Thema 4 - Familie - Vokabeln und auch Hausaufgabe für Mittwoch