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Homecoming - Woche, 2012 Oktober

Deutsch 1
gern - expressing that you like to do something
Listening Exercise #1
Listening Exercise #2
 For the test audio files we did today, Thursday, October 25, 2012 - go to Blackboard / Assignments / Kapitel 3 / Audio for Tests

Deutsch 2
Kapitel 3A Skit Project
Ferien expressions!!
Big List of Irregular Verbs

Deutsch 3
an der Kreuzung - Projekt
The Listening portion of our Kapitel 2 test can be found at Blackboard - Assignments/Kapitel 2/audio for test - Kapitel 2, along with the test itself - available after 12:00 PM, October 26, 2012

Deutsch 4
Aufsatz: Schrecklich mit dem Computer!! - Benutzen Sie einige von den Vokabeln auf Seite 37 und stellen Sie sich vor, wie ärgerlich und unmöglich Computertechnologie sein könnte! Seien Sie kreativ, und auch phantasievoll. Ihre Erfahrung darf fiktiv sein. Eine Seite, bitte, mit doppeltem Zeilenabstand. Fällig - am Freitag!
Gewalt im Fernsehen - eine Radiosendung

AP Deutsch
Tagesereignis - fällig Freitag
Portfolio - auch fällig Freitag

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some German Homework - Oh wie schön!

As I struggle a bit with the latest version of Blackboard version 9, which I generally find to be a messy pile of badly written software, I'll update your homework from here for a while. It's entirely possible I might abandon Blackboard. It's a rude piece of software!

Deutsch 1

Review, of course, the basic set of greetings in German
Finish the handout on introducing yourself in German
Revisit the presentation: Wer ist das?? Finish studying it at home.

Now we look at some German Geography!! Here is a map of the 16 German states (Bundesländer). Color it neatly and search the Internet for the GERMAN NAMES of these 16 German states. Label your map clearly. You should color it lightly, because we'll be adding more landmarks to the map (capital cities, major rivers, mountains, regions, etc.)

German names!! Your names are all very nice, but let's reimage ourselves with GERMAN-SOUNDING NAMES. Here is a link with a short history of German first names through the ages. Choose one that you like and can easily pronounce. And peruse a list of common German last names to find one that fits nicely with your chosen German first name.

Deutsch 2
Review your luggage vocabulary and reading about the Hoffmann's travels to America.
Read and study pages 2-9 closely.
write exercises #5 and #6 out fully on sheet of paper.
Comparative and Superlative Forms - exercise

Deutsch 3
Wir beginnen Kapitel 1A - Die Welt! Hier ist eine kurze Übung über dieses Thema und den Dialog, den Sie auf Seite 4 finden können.
Hausaufgabe: Lesen Sie genau Seite 2-9, und machen Sie die Übung fertig. Schreiben Sie Übung 4, Seite 5 völlig aus!
Fragen zur Welt - Geografie, bitte!
ob und dass - subordinating conjunctions
weil - subordinating conjunction

AP Deutsch

Am Freitag sind Ihre ersten Portfolios fällig. Am Dienstag fangen wir mit den Tagesereignissen an. Und hier ist eine kurze Übung über Harry Potter!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome Back!

So a new school begins at Enloe, and new hopes and aspirations. I am pretty thrilled about it and I am sure you are also. My goal for this blog this year is to post announcements pertinent to every Enloe German student here: things like articles, German videos, links, pictures related to German-speaking culture. SOme of these posting will become a basis for an assignment or a reaction post to our discussion boards. I'll just say, check, and BAM! your posting will be there!

For your convenience I include links here for your course syllabi for German classes at Enloe. You'll need to be able to open Adobe PDF files in order to view many of the files I make available to you all.
  1. German 1
  2. German 2
  3. German 3
  4. German 4
  5. AP German
Blackboard will still be a major component of our classroom. Be sure you can log onto Blackboard. We are using a new version, Blackboard version 9, and you can get to this link from here and from the right-hand side of this page, where a lot og high-frequency links for our course can be found. 

I've been working on a German grammar review book, but still haven't finished it. A work-in-progress draft of this treatise can be found at this link. Remember, this book is copyrighted by yours truly!

Someone at the open house asked about ways to to listen to German broadcasts from home, for instance, while eating, or for background sound. This is an excellent way to create a more immersive environment at home. I would suggest a multitude of Internet resources, streamed from a laptop or tablet of some kind. Here are a few of my favorite German media sources:

Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen - ZDF - One of Germany's oldest public networks
Deutsche Welle - excellent source of news, culture, music, etc.

There are others, for example channels. Have fun exploring!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

off to Japan!

A two week sojourn in the far east is in my playbook starting this afternoon. I'll try to get some pictures up here for those lucky ones following I decided to eschew facebook as my mode of mass communication/social networking. Not really sure why. But in any case, I'll probably miss my home for two weeks, but I will relish basking in the Japanese culture.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Etwas Aktuelles

The summer is upon us and what a scorcher it has been. After wishing all my Enloe Seniors farewell, I embarked on a summertime that by all accounts will shape up to be a banner summer, a memorable summer.. First started off with visiting friends in Carolina and simply decompressing around home with several books on the reading list: Doktor Faustus by Thomas Mann, a dense, beautifully written 20th century novel by the great Nobel Prize Winning German author, and The Physics of the Future, a well-written set of predictions of what the world will be like in 50 and hundred years based on the current-edge cutting research efforts surrounding nanotechnology, genetics, robotics, physics and quantum mechanics (Higgs Boson, anyone?) written by a Japanese atom scientist Michio Kaku, and I just began a book describing the life of times of the Prussian King Wilhelm II, by the British historian Lamar Cecil. Good reading is always an essential summer pastime for me.

I spent a week in Montezuma, New Mexico with teachers from all the world (and two fine colleagues from Enloe High School!) getting trained and exposed to the International Baccalaureate curriculum. I was highly impressed with the workshop and feel it might inject a more modern, wholistic angle to the German program at Enloe. We not only studied hard at the sessions, but we also partied hard at the workshop, with decent food, and lots of beverages and diversions planned for us throughout the week that included a guitar concert in the Dwan Light Sanctuary, an austere, round, acoustically majestic building topped with prism-bearing skylights. Quite meditative at night during the concert with a program of Spanish-style classical guitar and shimmering covers of well-known tunes and popular styles. During the day, Mr. Uzzell and I managed to drag some guitars to the sanctuary during the dry heat of mid-day New Mexico and sample an ambiance of colored light, bright sunshine and fine sounds from our guitars. Then on the closing barbecue party, during a classic geselliges Beisammensein that typically concludes a lengthy educational retreat, Uzzell and I stood up and played a couple of songs for the gathering, some rock and blues to regale the participants, ZZ Top's Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers and the Allmann Brothers' One Way Out. Linking a video to this post to highlight finer versions of these two classic songs seems too obvious: see below for the videos.

First, above, the ZZ Top song, apparently live from a German concert in 1980.

And now the Allmann Brothers song, One Way Out, also from Germany, a 1995 concert....WooHoo!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wichtige Links - und Museen in Deutschland

Hallo. Zuerst können Sie Ihre Aufgaben bei unsrer Blackboard-Website. Aber lebt noch, und manchmal sollen Sie die Website besuchen, wie zum Beispiel diese Woche für Deutsch 3. Vergessen Sie nicht die früheren Botschaften auf der Website durchzuschauen.

Hier sind die Links für die Museen:

  1. Das Deutsche Schustermuseum - Bergkunst
  2. Museum Grafenwöhr - das Militärmuseum
  3. Salzburger Freilichtmuseum - Großgmain
  4. Neuburg an der Donau - Schlossmuseum
  5. Jüdisches Museum - Hohenems, Österreich
  6. Deutsches Erdölmuseum - Wietze
  7. Norddeutschen Spielzeugmuseum am Rathaus Soltau
  8. Deutsches Museum - Flugwerft Schleißheim

Saturday, March 10, 2012

German Day, 2012

I took some nice pictures of German Day this year. If you want these pictures go get them soon at
In one week these pictures go away, so get them now! They still haven't updated the results of the competition, but I am almost certain we tied for 4th with Cary Academy. Providence High School in Charlotte, NC scored First, and Chapel Hill High was in Second. Our very own Ligon Middle School, with Frau Garrison at the helm, was in third. And then us! Woohooo! Good job, and may next year be even more successful.

For your convenience I include a link to the youtube channel of Deutsche Welle videos, videos about many different topics. Go browse around for something of interest. Trains your ear very well. -

Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome back!

Using Blackboard at my current school took me away from updating But a new format of the page might inspire to revive the long-running website. We spoke this morning about the Mercedes Benz commercial for their new, ultra-environmentally friendly model in the B-class series. Internet problems prevented us from seeing it so here it is in all its glory from