Sunday, December 2, 2018

Wir fangen mit dem Dezember 2018 an. Oh wie schön!

Diese Woche-

Montag: B-Tag
Dienstag: A-Tag
Mittwoch: B-Tag
Donnerstag: A-Tag
Freitag: B-Tag

Servus, SchülerInnen! Vergesst bitte nicht das National German Exam (NGE), Stufen 2, 3 und 4. Unten ist eine Weblink zu alten Versionen von dem NGE. Vergesst auch nicht, das Examen kostet 6.00 USD ($6.00) Bringt Bargeld oder einen Scheck zu Enloe HS.

Practice Exams for the National German Exam

German 1
Some ideas for your next mini-project

German 2
Some Ideas for your next Mini-Project due this coming Friday at the end of school.

German 3
Ideen für das nächste Mini-Projekt - fällig am Freitag dieser Woche, geteilt mit mir, usw. 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Woche Sieben - den 8. Oktober 2018

Deutsch 1
Continuing with verb conjugations, added vocabulary pertaining to freetime activities.
Verbal Expressions in German
Some important verbal Expressions
Was machst du gern in der Freizeit?
Time Expressions in German, combined with verbal expressions
Days of the week 
Wann reist du? Days of the Week
Random expressions to fill up conversations

Deutsch 2
Auf einem Campingplatz / in der Jugendherberge
accusative and dative case personal pronouns / word order of nominal and pronimal objects
Conversation exercises with accusative and dative pronouns

Deutsch 3
Imperfekt / Partizip Perfekt - Verbformen Quiz
an der Kreuzung - wichtige Vokabel
Zeitausdrücke mit dem Dativ
Projekte sind fällig - Eine Deutsche Großstadt - im Profil und einen aufregenden Anruf von der Stadtmitte, mit schrecklichen Verkehr, und so weiter.....

Deutsch 4
Grammatische Fälle in der deutschen Sprache / Deklinationen - Kapitel 4 beginnen

AP Deutsch
auf die Goethe-Institut Ausstellung vorbereiten - Erfinderland - Deutschland

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Woche 4 - der 17. September 2018 - nach dem Hurrikan

Hello everyone! I hope you and your families are doing fine after the floods, and high winds, and torrential rains of Hurricane Florence. The show must go on this week at Enloe and below are the announcements for our German Program.

German 1
Last week's Website entry is still pertinent for the beginning of this. Remember, the next mini-project was due Tuesday of this week - the 18th of this week. Why don't we make the deadline Friday the 21st?
Wo wohnst du? Wohnst du in der Nähe? Wohnst du auf dem Land??
Audio file of the above handout - Wo wohnst du?
Was ist die Hauptstadt von Bayern? Woher kommst du?
Audio file for the above handout.

German 2
Pages 13 - 20 from your books - read, make vocab lists, do a few of the exercises in this range of pages, just so you know what's going on - we'll review in class this week - Tomorrow 17. September 2018 - you will have a sub with an assignment dealing exactly with the pages mentioned (13-20)
Next mini-Project will remain due on Thursday of this week, despite Hurricane Florence.
Notesheet for pages 13-20 in Kapitel 1 - write your answers/work in your notebooks

German 3
For Tomorrow, September 17, 2018 - you shall have a sub with assignments pertaining to pages 10-21. Please read and review these pages closely before tomorrow's class.
Next mini-Project will remain due on Thursday of this week, despite Hurricane Florence.
Note Sheet for pages 10 - 21 - study guide, etc.

AP Deutsch
Ihre Gedicht-Erklärungen, geteilt mit mir in der Wolke......
Nächstes Mini-Projekt - fällig Donnerstag. Versuchen wir mal!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Dritte Woche bei Enloe HS - der 10. September 2018

Deutsch 1
Pictures of board notes, September 10, 2018
Next Mini Project due Tuesday September 18, 2018
Directory of audio files for handouts from Wednesday, September 12, 2018. - Listen to them with handouts in your hand. Repeat after me on the vocab sound file. I will say some of these phrases repeatedly, with different intonation.
Die deutschen Bundesländer

Deutsch 2
Next Mini Project due Thursday, September 20, 2018

Deutsch 3
Next Mini Project due Thursday, September 20, 2018

Deutsch 4
Next mini Project due Tuesday, September 18, 2018

AP Deutsch
Next mini project due Thursday, September 20, 2018
Gedicht-Projekt - von der Tafel - am 11. September 2018
Freiburger Anthologie von Gedichten! 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

New Year at Enloe HS - 2018-2019

And once again we open our doors at Enloe HS for a new year of German, math, English, history, science, art, and technology. I wish you all the best! I'll maintain this school year, again, but be sure to join the classes.The codes are listed inside the syllabi, listed below.

Deutsch 1
German 1 - Essential topics / Overview of German 1 Topics
German 1 Syllabus for the Year
German 1 - Topics for the Year
German 1 - Dienstag, der 28. August 2018
Massive List of German First Names - Male
Massive List of German First Names - Female 
Massive List of German Last Names 
Donnerstag - der 30. August 2018

Deutsch 2
German 2 Syllabus for the Year 
German 2 - Essential questions / Overview of German 2 Topics
German 1 - Essential topics / Overview of German 1 Topics

Deutsch 3
Big List of Irregular Verbs in the German Language 
Case in German - Short Explication of Nominative, Accusative, Dative and Genitive Case
German 3 Syllabus for the Year
German 3 Curriculum Arcs

Deutsch 4
German 4 Syllabus for the Year 
Deutsch 4 - Dienstag, der 18. August 2018

AP Deutsch
AP Deutsch - Montag, der 27. August 2018
AP German - Syllabus for the Year 
Bundled Collection of Metacognitive Documents - Deutsche Welle, besonder unter der Überschrift „TV” - ZDF Sender - Große Sammlung von deutschen Gedichten - deutschsprachige Wikipedia - Deutschsprachige Medienquelle - große Liste

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Final Thoughts, May 2018

Image result for Gratuliere! 

First of all, I would like to congratulate our Seniors in our German classes this year. It was a pleasure teaching you, some of you for 4 solid years! Here are the names of my august senior class in German @ Enloe:

German 1
Nathan W.

German 2
Michelle V.
Seth J.

German 3
Robert L.
Abby L.
Adam M.

German 4
Tim S.
Hannah T.
Kevin S.
Joshuah B.
Murphy H.
Peter H.
Annie C.
Annabelle B.
Jack L.
Seth F.
Spencer F-D.
Harrison L.
Kerin S.

AP German
Sasha S.
Daniel H.
Joey J.
Lily M.
Liam P.
Ian R.
Josh J.
John H.
Ben I.
Caroline M.
Lydia E.
Gigi C.
Harry C.
Jacob S.

 Ich wünsche euch alles Gute in der Zukunft!! Danke für die guten Zeiten!

For those of you returning next fall to German @ Enloe, I provide you with a bunch of cool, informative links to keep German fresh in your heads, the sights and sounds of German language and culture. In a free moment this summer, explore some of these links to stay fresh and confident in the German language! Have a great summer! - create an account at this acclaimed online German/English, English/German dictionary. That way you can save the words you look up and do flash card vocabulary quizzes with them. Download the app also!!
Deutsche Welle - German news headlines. Scan the headlines, try to determine the meaning behind the headlines, use to look up words. Explore the entirety of the website - lots of great stuff here - audio, video, reading material.
A German Grammar Review - from Bruce Duncan, Professor Emeritus at Dartmouth University. Fantastic review website of the fine points of German grammar.
ZDF - Mediathek - many many media offerings from one of several Germany-based television broadcasters. There is an APP for this network!!! Explore the different categories of programming; many of the offerings have German-language subtitles for convenient study of modern German language expressions, idioms, dialect, figures of speech, etc. Click Rubriks at the top for access to different topics to explore.
LOGO! - German news broadcasts designed for young people. These 10 minute broadcasts have German subtitles. Pause during the broadcasts, look up new words, write these words down in a journal.
Easy German - You Tube Channel - hundreds of videos designed for learners of German. Subscribe to it!

Well, here is a few to get you started!!! You can always come to, and review past posts to access older handouts, assignments, etc.

It was an honor teaching you German this year and I look forward to next year already!


AP German - Essay Questions - Final

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Das letzte Viertel im Schuljahr - 2017-2018

Welcome back, students. The last quarter is upon us, and there is a lot to do!! We'll make it to the end.

Final Exam Schedule for YOU!!!!!!

Separable Verbal Prefix - creating sentences
Storyboard Assignment - Was machst du denn? Mach etwas anderes!
Dative Case - conversation exercise 

Gender Quiz - compare your answers.
einen Brief schreiben - Text mit Fragen - look up all underlined words and be prepared to answer the questions
Wo ist das Heft? - Gespräch
Wohin hast du das gestellt? - Gespräch
Board Notes - either/or prepositions
Either/or prepositions - writing assignment
einen Brief schreiben - Wiederholung
Technologie / Kommunikation
German 2 Overview - plus final exam project 
Beim Zahnarzt - wichtige Vokabel
Video von Herr Kandah - als Beispiel, Vorbild, zum Inspirieren..... 
Storyboard That - Berufe!! Short Comic.
Quiz - Beim Zahnarzt - etwas Grammatisches - Plusquamperfekt 

Storyboard Assignment - Du siehst nicht gut aus! Du musst dich besser ernähren!
Walpurgisnacht - excerpt from Goethes Faust
Final Exam - Summative Speech to the Class

For the sub on Friday:
The students were asked to compile a large list of vocabulary from the “Walpurgisnacht” reading from Wednesday. They should now write a 20 line poem using the vocabulary they compiled, a poem thatcomplements the tone and subject matter of the text from Wednesday.
When complete they should begin study of Chapter 8, specifically, pages 271-277. Have them read and study these pages, alone or with a neighbor, and then write out exercises #13 (page 268), 18, and 19. They should submit these assignments to me on Tuesday of next week.

Puppentheater - den 2. Mai 2018
Kapitel 22 - Numerals and Measurements - Hausaufgabe: Read and study closely the entirety of Chapter 22 - write out F, H, S. 325 and Anwendung, page 326, A
Puppenshows - Link zu euren Präsentationen
Final Film Project
Chapter 23 - Self-Study - Week of May 14, 2018 

Zertifikate - Letzte Aufgabe!!!
Zertifikate - Spreadsheet - zum Notieren

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mitte vom Februar 2018

The Previous post at our fabled blog can be found here for your convenience.!! Good stuff, with some items relevant to this week's activity in German class at Enloe.

German Day! Wednesday, March 14, 2018, a B Day. We can start collecting fees for German Day this week. Check out the Website for More Information on the event!

Registration (required from all participants) - $7
Bus Ride - $20
T-Shirt (optional) - $10
Lunch is on your own, with dining options listed at the website above.

All Checks made out to Enloe High School

Driving yourself to the event is allowed, at my discretion. Forms Below:

Form #1 - Permission from your Parent to be a passenger in a classmate's vehicle. Print the form, fill out it completely, have your parents read and sign it, and then return the form to me.

Form #2 - Permission to Drive to German Day and carry passengers to German Day. Print the form and fill it out completely, give to your parent to sign and then return completed signed form to me.

National German Exam! Congratulations to everyone scoring 90% or higher on the NGE. Here is the link to the Application for Travel Award - See me if you have questions!

Information on the AATG National German Exam Summer Study Award

Was hat er an? Wie gefällt dir das Hemd? - Speaking about clothes
Talking about clothes - notes
Wie findest du die Klamotten? More speaking about clothes
Stem-Vowel Changing Verbs - first look
Stem-vowel changing verbs - notes
gefallen - Wie gefällt dir das? - review of verb gefallen
Conversation with gefallen
Stem-Vowel Changing Verbs - Conversation
AUdio for Listening Exercise #4 
Audio for Listening Exercise #5 

Review article endings, before tackling adjective endings!
Adjective Endings Examples.
Case in German - A short Explication. - I wrote this 5 page overview of what the German Case System is all about. Do the examples and show them to me for feedback. Hope it helps!!
Adjectives used as Nouns

Fragen zu deinen Klassenkameraden
ein Klassentreffen - Gespräch - Schreibübung
Doppelinfinitiv - Gespräch
Doppelinfinitiv - Partnerarbeit

Monday, January 22, 2018

Ende Januar, 2018 - nach der Schneepause!!!

Willkommen! Schluss mit dem Schnee, gell?

Hello everyone, welcome back from snow week, North Carolina style! Time to get back into the rhythm of German class, with, among other things, German Day!!!!

German Day - Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - „B" Tag!

A few essential documents for German Day, 2018 - Theme: Lass uns reden!!! at UNC-G this year!!
  1. Rules and contests - please read closely before signing up!!
  2. The Poems for this year - start memorizing!!
  3. Words for the Spelling Bee - I can print these for you, if you are serious about competing.
  4. Verbs for the verb bee - know thy verbs!!!!
  5. Sign-Up Sheet - type your name - First name and last initial only! - under the competition you are willing to compete in to your best ability! 

Probable Costs for German Day - I'll announce when I will start collecting again.
  • bus ride - charter bus, 55 seats - $20 - some have already reserved a seat!!!
  • registration - $5 (at least last year it was, I assume it is the same)
  • T-Shirt - $10 (last year it was $10 per t-shirt)
  • Lunches - I believe on your own......

Remember, scroll below for last week's assignments, links, etc.....some of which are still relevant this week!!!!!

Future Tense in German - overview
Kapitel 6 review!!
Another short review
Worksheets from Thursday

Einkaufen!! Projekte für die Woche!
Sample Video - zum Obst- und Gemüseladen I whipped this video together this afternoon. Just an idea of what you should strive for as you plan your video. I am certain your videos would be better!!
Skits UPDATE!! Everyone - PLEASE READ!!!!!
Kapitel 7 -  Einstieg ins Thema!
Kapitel 7 - Was für Hobbys und Interessen hast du denn? - Gespräch
Wofür interessierst du dich? - Gespräch 

Flipgrid - Wien? Budapest? Prag?
Konjunktiv II - Vergangenheit - erster Blick
Konjunktiv II - Vergangenheit - wenn/dann Sätze
Wanderung Aufsatz

Aufgaben - Donnerstag, den 1. Februar 2018
Aufgaben - Mittwoch, den 7. Februar 2018

Aufgaben - Donnerstag, den 1. Februar 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

ein neues Jahr, neue Träume, neue Wünsche! Willkommen, 2018!!

Ich heiße euch herzlich willkommen zu 2018. In zwei Wochen kommt das erste Semester zum Schluss, und danach beginnt das zweite Semester. Wohin die Zeit??

Nun - National German Exam!!!!! Nächste Woche, Zimmer 2607 - Computerraum - Bringt Kopfhörer oder Ohrhörer - sehr wichtig!! Nur in der 1. und 2. Stunde passiert das Examen!

  1. Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - Deutsch 2 - ein A Tag
  2. Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - Deutsch 3 - ein B Tag
  3. Thursday, January 11, 2018 - Deutsch 4 - ein A Tag

Practice Exams can be found at this website: 

The QUIA Website link for when we take the exam next week. You'll be given a unique username and password.

  1. Kapitel 6 beginnen - Wie schmeckt's????? Review!
  2. Was isst du gern zum Frühstück? - Fragen!!
  3. Modal Verb explanation
  4. Modal Verb - möchten - would like - conversation
  5. Modal Verb - müssen - must - conversation
  6. Modal Verb - mögen - to like - conversation 
  7. Modal Verb - mögen conversation #2

  1. Einkaufen - Conversation
  2. Einkaufen - Short Presentation
  3. Demonstrative Pronouns - Part 1 - conversation
  4. Demonstrative Pronouns - Part 2 - conversation
  5. Kaufrausch!! Kandah Kaufhaus! Klassenprojekt.

  1. Kapitel 5A - Notes/Study Sheet - Höflichkeit!
  2. Ist Amerika eine Rüpelgesellschaft geworden? Aufsatz!

  1. Comparative Worksheet that was due today, Thursday. Compare your answers to mine, and then complete exercises D and E on page 121 of the packet. You should definitely have your Chapter 14 packet nearby when you do these.
  2. Flipgrid - Vergleiche!!! Due Monday, January 8.

  1. Relativpronomen - Genitiv - Analyse!
  2. There is a #7 to Exercise 1. Please do this, along with Exercise #2, page 233. Make a vocabulary list also from the new lexical items in these exercises.