Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 2013 - erste Woche, oder so etwas......

Deutsch 1
Schule! - Vocab Exercise on school items
Speaking about your classes

Deutsch 2
Listening Exercise - script and key
Test Tuesday on Kapitel 1 - Im Flughafen - study entire chapter, every single word

Deutsch 3
Test on Tuesday - Kapitel 1 - study everything in chapter 1.
Older version of Test Review

AP Deutsch
Die Leiden des jungen Werthers - der ganze Text 
Die Leiden des jungen Werthers - Hintergrund
AP Syllabus - noch einmal......

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Homecoming Week!

This week is a week of Homecoming festivities and also tests. Students in German 1, 2, 3 and 4 will take tests on Tuesday.

German 1 - click here and read the main points of the unit test on Tuesday.

Here is a short study guide for German 3

More updates soon......progress reports on Monday.....German Club this Friday after school, we'll take part in the homecoming field day with a table on the practice track. Bring fisbees and soccer balls......

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kurze Woche, diese Woche . . . Naja....

Came back to work after my trip to Michigan to several touching cards hung on the well, devised by my caring students. I appreciated that a great deal. I'll take pictures of the cards and post them here shortly. It'll include a funny caricature of yours truly that I'm happy to share.

Deutsch 1
Wo ist denn dein Bruder? - conversation
sein - to be - conjugation and exercises.
Telling Time - notes
telling time - conversation exercise

Deutsch 2
travel vocabulary  - notes
Essay Assignment - im Perfekt!
some weak verbs - conversation
Case in German - short explication - ignore the Genitive Case for now!

Deutsch 3
Conversation exercise with ob
Conversation exercise with weil
Weißt du das?? - conversation combining ob and dass

Deutsch 4
Relative Pronouns - review
Relative Pronouns - big review from the University of Michigan 
Relative Clauses - another review site from Dartmouth University 

AP Deutsch
Elf Söhne - another story to tackle by Franz Kafka

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Der Herbst beginnt - die Woche von 23. September 2013

Hey everyone, sorry I hadn't been in the classroom with you the past few days. I'll return on Wednesday of this week. Needed to head to Michigan for a week because of a sudden death in the immediate family. So, all tests scheduled for this Tuesday have been rescheduled for next week on Tuesday. Be good for the sub and keep up with your German studies. See you soon!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mitte Septembers 2013 - das Schuljahr fährt fort!

Grüße, meine Schüler! German Club met last Friday after school for the inaugural meeting of the year. Read all about it at our Enloe Deutschverein blog -

Deutsch 1
On Tuesday of next week we'll have a test that covers the first unit of German 1. All students should be able to answer the following questions on the test:
  • Wie heißt du?
  • Wer ist das Mädchen da?
  • Wie heißt der Junge da?
  • Wie alt bist du?
  • Woher kommst du?
  • Woher kommt sie?
  • Wo wohnst du?
  • Wo wohnt er?
  • Wie geht's? 
  • Was ist die Hauptstadt von Bayern? Wo liegt Berlin? Wo liegt Kiel?
Spelling counts on the test. Know how to spell the numbers and states and capitals of Germany!

Many folks still haven't left a google voice mesage for me. Do this please!

Currently we have begun Unit 2 - zu Hause! Here are some important links pertaining to this chapter.
Familientreffen - family reunion!
Short Online Quiz on Question Words in German
Sabines Familie
Short project - City Brochure!
Conversation about your family

Deutsch 2
On Tuesday of next week we'll have a test on this unit. We'll continue to study this unit this week
Fahren wir mit dem Zug! - Übung
Verkerhsmittel - exercise

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dritte Woche bei Enloe......

This week, on Friday after school, we have our first German Club meeting!

Also, don't forget that Thursdays after school is always tutorial time for anyone needing a little extra push in the right direction.

Deutsch 1 
Important Phrases for conversation....
Wo wohnst du? - Vocabulary
Online Quiz - Do by Monday evening, 10 PM. Honor system!!
Introductions of former German students - read their intros....copy new vocabulary in your notebooks.
Quiz on Friday - capitals of German states, and their names and locations!!

Deutsch 2
Giving Street directions in German, Part 1
Giving Street directions in German, Part 2 - Lost in Hannoversch Münden
Present Perfect Tense - Notes
Exercise - past participles of German Verbs.

Deutsch 3
Wiederholung - Autoteile
Quiz - Mittwoch dieser Woche - Grammatik, Lektion 11A

Deutsch 4
Der Harz 
Goethes Faust
Goethes Faust, WIkipediaseite - Überblick der Tragödie

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Short week this week at Enloe......

I wrote a post already today - see below. Now I'll begin a growing list of the week's handouts, assignments, important weblinks, etc. Stay tuned.....

Deutsch 1
Basic Greetings in German
Introductions in German
More Greetings, part 2
Wer ist das??
Deutsche Geografie!
Die Zahlen, 0-20 - Listen to the numbers with this video
The German Alphabet - search the web for a preview!
Key Questions - Unit 1

Deutsch 2
German 1 Essential Topics
Verkehrsmittel - Wie komme ich dahin?
Wie fährst du dahin?
Was hast du gestern Abend gemacht? Partnerwork!
Das Perfekt - notes

Deutsch 3
Automythen - Wahr oder unwahr? Wer glaubt, alles über Autos zu wissen, macht am besten hier den Schnelltest
Kapitel 11A - Projektideen!

Deutsch 4
Aufsatz - Gesundheit und Stress!

AP Deutsch
Audio Files - Hörverständnis - Sie verschwinden bald. Deshalb machen Sie die Übungen schnell. 

Labor Day, 2013

Our first week was a good one, I thought. Let's keep the momentum going!

One reminder: Thursdays after school is when I hold tutorials, in our room. I waited and waited last Thursday and nobody showed up! But it is still early in the semester, I understand. Soon Eagle Enrichment begins, and Thursdays after school (and before school, too) are always part of ensuring your understanding of German.

I started collecting notebooks. Here is a generalized rubrik for the expectations of the notebook checks.

In German 1 we watched a short video of how Germans greet each other; here, in the streets of Münster, Germany. I include it here for your enjoyment.

There will be another post soon! I have begun updating grades also, so check Powerschools. I also included a link on the right side of this page for the students' email server. Remember to us this account whenever you want to email teachers, send assignments, ask questions, etc.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

First week of school - Beste Wünsche!

Hallo! Hope everyone is set for the first week of school. My goal is to keep this page updated for you, so you can see what's current in German class, what's upcoming, etc. Keep in my mind you can scroll downwards to prior posts, so that everything becomes a running commentary on our class this year. For example, the syllabi I posted are in the previous post, and you can scroll down to see it. Now, also forgive me if I leave out a word in my rush and zeal to update this page; I am an excellent speller, but sometimes a misstyped word slips through. My apologies in advance.

Note also my typical curricular post: organized by German class. And I'll also post links to appropriate German-related videos for everyone's benefit. And during the week I'll add items to the current posting.

Deutsch 1
German Cognates with English
Greetings in German - handout
the du-Sie dilemna in Germany - article. Read it and reflect on it in your notebooks. 
Common German names for boys
Common German names for girls
Printable German Map 
Wie geht's? Asking how one is doing.

Deutsch 2
Review all German 1 communicative topics
German 1 Review sheet of everything in German 1

Deutsch 3
Review all German 2 communicatve topics
Powerpoint Presentations for use with our review 
Verben mit Präpositionen - Übung
irregular verbs in German - big list!

Deutsch 4
Gesundheit und Ernährung! Fragen zum Interviewen
Mit Ketschup in die Schule - Fragen
Mit Ketschup in die Schule, Seite 259 - lesen genau, Neue Vokabeln ablisten
Hausaufgabe:  Seiten 260 - 265, Übung 10 - Lesen, lernen, neue Vokabeln ablisten, notieren.
Lektion 8A Quiz
Das Passiv in Deutsch - Anmerkungen 

AP Deutsch
Video-Bericht - Anmerkungsblatt 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

And another year begins . . . Welcome back, everyone!

Willkommen, meine Schüler und eure Familien! Deutschlernen macht echt Spaß, und ich freue mich auf ein neues Schuljahr mit euch!

You should bookmark this page at home, or even make it your browser homepage! Forget facebook, twitter, espn sports, whatever, is where you need to be this year for all things German, particularly your German courses! Note to the right of this page some important links for your edification. And below, in a blog post, each week, I'll post notes, handouts, assignments, websites, etc, so you can keep up to date with our coursework this year.

First things first: the syllabi for this year:
  1. German 1 Syllabus
  2. German 2 Syllabus
  3. German 3 Syllabus
  4. German 4 Syllabus
  5. AP German Syllabus
I'll give you copies of these syllabi to put into your folders for reference, but they'll always be here. I'll also give my AP German students a massive vocabulary list, a Gateway Vocabulary List (thanks to an awesome website at my alma mater, the University of Michigan, for this resource!).

One thing I am going to use year is something called linguafolio - "a portfolio assessment instrument designed to support individuals in setting and achieving their goals for learning languages." You can read more about this approach to world language study at
Each student is expected to create an account for themselves at the following website:  There will be further instruction on how we will use this website to further our language acquisition goals.

This year all teacher-student email communication must take place using Wake County email servers. All students will be assigned a unique Wake County email address. You can access this email server at the following link: Learn how to use and access this email account in order to communicate via email with your Enloe teachers!

An all important computer checklist - can you do these tasks???
Maintaining your note books in German class.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Das Ende kommt bald - stimmt das?

It has been a while since I updated this blog, and now the semester, the school year, is coming to a close. It was a great year at Enloe, as usual - great students, great school, great German exchange this year, an altogether rewarding 9 months or so of challenges, succeses, frustrations. Mostly awesomeness! Some things we did undertake this year:

Deutsches Wochenende - November, 2012. First time undertaking this overnight German Immersion excursion at Camp Caraway. Nine Enloe students went, and we had great fun.

German Club - excellent officers made this year a smash. We elected new officers, who are Sarah W. - returning as President, Justin M. - Vice President, Melanie N. - Treasurer, Kate N. - Secretary, and Jill J. - historian, a new position, that aims to chronicle the activities of our German Club through our blog at with pictures, minutes, summaries of each meeting, etc.

German Day - at UNC Greensboro, March 2013. While we didn't win 1st place overall like we wanted, we did place in several categories, and as always we brought the largest school contingent from North Carolina!

German-American Partnership Program - we welcomed a group of 15 students from our partner school in Schweztingen, Germany. By all accounts, great fun. Enloe families hosted our German friends with all-American hospitality, and we're gearing up for our three-week whirlwind tour starting on June 14, 2013. Germany, here we come!

Now a few important links that should help prepare students for the final exams this year.

German 1
Dative Case - short explanation with some exercises.
Wem kaufst du das Geschenk?
Dative Case exercise
Dative Case pronouns - exercise - Kapitel 10B
Was hast du vor? - Kapitel 9B - conversation
Chores - identify these

Sunday, March 10, 2013

die zweite Woche vom März, 2013

Grüße, meine Schüler! Letzte Woche sind wir zu german Day gegangen. Und ich denke, wir hatten viel Spaß dabei gehabt. Obwohl wir nicht die Nummer Eins waren, haben wir viele Preise erhalten. Ich gratuliere allen der Wettkämpfer. Ihr habt etwas Tolles auf UNC-G geleistet, und darauf sollen wir stolz sein. Nun, hier ein Gruppenfoto von euch. Gut gemacht!!

GAPP - Enloe und Hebel!!
Our Hebel group will be here next week! WOW!
Hebel Gymnasium - Schulwebsite
Vier Ecken!

Deutsch 1
Possessive Adjectives and pronouns - conversation
Conversation with unser and euer
Ordinal numbers
Possessive Adjectives - Exercise
Chapter 8 Review Presentation

Deutsch 3
Das Nibelungenlied - Rubrik
Unsre Klasse - auf einem Klassentreffen.
Modal Verbs in the Past Tense
Chapter 6A - review questions
Klassentreffen - key words, ideas
Vokabeln - Die Hänsestädte Bremen und Hamburg
Klassentreffen - Hauptfragen / Hauptausdrücke
Source from
Wann und Ob - an explanation