Saturday, April 10, 2010

neue Woche - Montag, der 12. April 2010

Welches Wort gefällt dir am besten?
Vote for your favorite expression for "super" or "toll"

Jugendliche in Deutschland!
Check out this website and learn some new things that German teenagers do and say.

Deutsch 2

Read the entire text before clicking to see your images!!
Your Fotos! Click to see them and get some information on them - when you find your picture, click the tiny little link underneath the photo called Image Information. Some of your images didn't have this info available. You'll have to guess or make up the technical information on these pictures.

Deutsch 3
Lebensläufe - Beispiele - Nummer 1 Nummer 2 Nummer 3
Kapitel 6B - review sheet - modals in the simple past
Conversation - Modals in the Past Tense
wann/ob usage and practice - conversation exercise/notes.
How to talk like a German Pirate
Der berühmteste deutsche Pirat, Klaus Störtebeker
Klaus Störtebeker - Wikipedia Page

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