Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some German Homework - Oh wie schön!

As I struggle a bit with the latest version of Blackboard version 9, which I generally find to be a messy pile of badly written software, I'll update your homework from here for a while. It's entirely possible I might abandon Blackboard. It's a rude piece of software!

Deutsch 1

Review, of course, the basic set of greetings in German
Finish the handout on introducing yourself in German
Revisit the presentation: Wer ist das?? Finish studying it at home.

Now we look at some German Geography!! Here is a map of the 16 German states (Bundesländer). Color it neatly and search the Internet for the GERMAN NAMES of these 16 German states. Label your map clearly. You should color it lightly, because we'll be adding more landmarks to the map (capital cities, major rivers, mountains, regions, etc.)

German names!! Your names are all very nice, but let's reimage ourselves with GERMAN-SOUNDING NAMES. Here is a link with a short history of German first names through the ages. Choose one that you like and can easily pronounce. And peruse a list of common German last names to find one that fits nicely with your chosen German first name.

Deutsch 2
Review your luggage vocabulary and reading about the Hoffmann's travels to America.
Read and study pages 2-9 closely.
write exercises #5 and #6 out fully on sheet of paper.
Comparative and Superlative Forms - exercise

Deutsch 3
Wir beginnen Kapitel 1A - Die Welt! Hier ist eine kurze Übung über dieses Thema und den Dialog, den Sie auf Seite 4 finden können.
Hausaufgabe: Lesen Sie genau Seite 2-9, und machen Sie die Übung fertig. Schreiben Sie Übung 4, Seite 5 völlig aus!
Fragen zur Welt - Geografie, bitte!
ob und dass - subordinating conjunctions
weil - subordinating conjunction

AP Deutsch

Am Freitag sind Ihre ersten Portfolios fällig. Am Dienstag fangen wir mit den Tagesereignissen an. Und hier ist eine kurze Übung über Harry Potter!!