Sunday, August 25, 2013

First week of school - Beste Wünsche!

Hallo! Hope everyone is set for the first week of school. My goal is to keep this page updated for you, so you can see what's current in German class, what's upcoming, etc. Keep in my mind you can scroll downwards to prior posts, so that everything becomes a running commentary on our class this year. For example, the syllabi I posted are in the previous post, and you can scroll down to see it. Now, also forgive me if I leave out a word in my rush and zeal to update this page; I am an excellent speller, but sometimes a misstyped word slips through. My apologies in advance.

Note also my typical curricular post: organized by German class. And I'll also post links to appropriate German-related videos for everyone's benefit. And during the week I'll add items to the current posting.

Deutsch 1
German Cognates with English
Greetings in German - handout
the du-Sie dilemna in Germany - article. Read it and reflect on it in your notebooks. 
Common German names for boys
Common German names for girls
Printable German Map 
Wie geht's? Asking how one is doing.

Deutsch 2
Review all German 1 communicative topics
German 1 Review sheet of everything in German 1

Deutsch 3
Review all German 2 communicatve topics
Powerpoint Presentations for use with our review 
Verben mit Präpositionen - Übung
irregular verbs in German - big list!

Deutsch 4
Gesundheit und Ernährung! Fragen zum Interviewen
Mit Ketschup in die Schule - Fragen
Mit Ketschup in die Schule, Seite 259 - lesen genau, Neue Vokabeln ablisten
Hausaufgabe:  Seiten 260 - 265, Übung 10 - Lesen, lernen, neue Vokabeln ablisten, notieren.
Lektion 8A Quiz
Das Passiv in Deutsch - Anmerkungen 

AP Deutsch
Video-Bericht - Anmerkungsblatt