Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keine Schule heute? Der Schnee kommt....

Schneetag für uns, prima Wo schneit es in Deutschland? Surft mal zu wetter.de und findet heraus!

Deutsch 1
We're also looking at how German take their meals, their habits, customs, differences between American and German habits. Read the following links and write down a few differences for discussion on Wednesday in class.
Dining Etiquette in Germany
Dining out in Germany

Continue reading into Chapter 6B. We will do a major skit project that includes the following elements:
  1. Expressing wants and obligations
  2. Expressing what you want to eat and drink.
  3. Ordering food and drink from an Imbiss.
Deutsch 2
Review closely Chapter 4A. Read closely the text starting on page 99 - In einer Großstadt. The text speaks about Leipzig and its role in the fall of East Germany in 1989. Do some research on Leipzig, and write down some key facts about the city, famous people who lived and were born there, landmarks, etc. Do exercise #8 on page 103 - write out fully!

Move into Kapitel 4B -  Tiere auf dem Bauernhof! We'll use some of the materials frm the following website: http://vs-material.wegerer.at/sachkunde/su_haushoftiere.htm and Zoo Schule Interaktiv

Deutsch 3
Relativpronomen - Übung
Do the readings from Kapitel 3B - finish the chapter!
Reread the text - Macht Stadtluft frei? Upon our return you'll have a vocabulary quiz on the reading. I'll take direct quotes from the text, sentences and phrases, and you'll render these quotes into acceptable English.

Deutsch 4
Lesen Sie noch einmal die ersten zwei Seiten von dem Roman „Es." Machen Sie fertig the Vokabelübungen von gestern. Hier sind Kopien davon:

nach der Überschwemmung - Vokabeln