Saturday, January 24, 2015

German Day, 2015!!

It's time for German Day!! This year it'll be at UNC-Greensboro on Wednesday, March 18. The costs are posted in our classroom. Below are some important links for competitors! Let's get first place this year.

Wir sind Helden!!!!!!

(Enloe's Entry is the Comicstrip one)
Karaoke Songs with Songs!!!!
National German Exam
The Quia Website for the exam.........CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!.

German 1
Verbal Expressions with modal verbs 

German 2
Conversations on shopping
Quiz on Chapter 6A on Wednesday - fruits and vegetables, Michaela's shopping trip (beginning dialogue), demonstrative pronouns, vocabulary from text on shopping in chapter 6A.
Rollenspiel - im Kaufhaus! 
Gespräch - im Kaufhaus!
Kapitel 6 - review
Case in German - review, with exercises

German 3
Vocabulary from Chapter 5A 
Adjectives Summary Sheet 
Questions using the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.
Conversation with comparative and superlative forms of adjectives
Exercises with Adjective Endings 
Quiz on adjective endings in German with comparative and superlative forms.
Konjunktiv II - die Vergangenheit - review
if/then statements in the past tense
Eine Wanderung - Erzählung!

German 4
Interview mit einer Rockgruppe
Powerpoint for Kapitel 5 - review for Test