Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hallo in einem neuen Jahr! 2016 beginnt.......Hoorah!

Welcome back! After a long restful two weeks off from school, it's time to get back to the swing of things. Just in time for midterm examinations!!!!! We've begun talking about them in class, and below you'll find some review sheets, study guides, and other assorted items for the week's course of study. Nice to see everyone again!!


German 1
Midterm Exam Study Guide 
Format of the midterm exam
Plurals! Conversation exercise 
Wie viel?? Wie viele?? - Practice Sheet 

German 2
Genitive Case - Conversation
Genitive Case - Conversation, Part 2 
das MenĂ¼ - Rumlauf!

German 3
Verb/Preposition combination - discussion - examples from the Univ. of Michigan! 
Exercise - Verbs with Prepositions 
Das Armaturenbrett - Review 
Midterm Exam Topics and Format - Study Guide.

AP German / German 4
ein Landarzt - Franz Kafka - glossed version of entire story 

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