Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Archives and Diversions

At some point in the recent past I decided I wanted to create an online professional sketch of my teaching career. I began one in earnest, and got pretty far with it, until external factors forced me to set aside the project for other things. But the Internet has a deep memory, very deep, and the beginnings of this online profile, which I called Archives and Diversions, still exists at kandah.org.
It exists as a record of my initial ideas of teaching and the development of these ideas as I struggled and sallied forth as an educator. There is a link there to a few writings of mine, things I prepared for some education courses at UNC - Greensboro in the mid 1990s, and my master's thesis, which I defended in April of 1995. Interesting cultural artifacts, I might say. I enjoyed reading again a paper I wrote called Towards an Appreciation of the Neurobiological Basis for Speech Acquisition and one about herpes virus infection and pregnancy. Enjoy.

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