Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More News on Blogging in Education

I discovered this article from an online journal called District Administration about blogging making inroads into education. Here we have an administrator who writes on her profession, and she gets a fair amount of traffic to her blog, and people comment on her posts also. What I find interesting also about this article is the existence of a blogging website that caters to educators: teachers, administrators, students from all levels. Now, edublogs.org might be a better option than my current blogging website, if only for the fact that blogger.com - an excellent tool for blogging - does attract a wider variety of blogger that sometimes set up blogs with questionably profane material. I removed the navigation bar from above because; there was a link to scroll through other blogs at blogger.com, kind of page through them, and occasionally something pops up up that is not entirely appropriate for my audience.

It is interesting also that this woman's district (she is a principal of a high school) has asked her to put a disclaimer on her. Should I? I certainly have before. I am associated with Durham Public Schools currently, so here is my disclaimer: the views expressed here and on associated blogs written and maintained by me are solely my own and do not represent the views of my employer. This article is worth a read. And edublogs.org is where I will experiment next with my great blogging journey.

Administrators Who Blog

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