Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week 6 - den 28.September 2009

Deutsch 1
Conversation from Friday - am Telefon.
Sound file, in mp3, of this conversation.
Telling Time in German
Wie spät ist es? - Powerpoint, or directory of images.
Wohin gehst du denn? - vocabulary
List of cities which you will randomly pick
City Brochure Project

Deutsch 2
If your essay has the word rewrite on it, you must rewrite your essay, incorporating all of my comments on it. Turn in your old essay and your rewritten one together: due Friday.
Eine Reise durch Deutschland - Projekt Rubrik

Deutsch 3
Was passt was an? - die Bundesländer
- due tomrrow along with your vocabulary list and notes!
using ob and dass in conversation
using weil in conversation
nachdem and bevor and the past perfect tense - notes
nachdem and bevor - exercise - answer key
Da ist viel Verkehr!! - Skits - to be performed on Friday!
Group Log / Critique of group members

Deutsch 4
Rewrite your essay on technology.

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