Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dritte Woche bei Enloe......

This week, on Friday after school, we have our first German Club meeting!

Also, don't forget that Thursdays after school is always tutorial time for anyone needing a little extra push in the right direction.

Deutsch 1 
Important Phrases for conversation....
Wo wohnst du? - Vocabulary
Online Quiz - Do by Monday evening, 10 PM. Honor system!!
Introductions of former German students - read their intros....copy new vocabulary in your notebooks.
Quiz on Friday - capitals of German states, and their names and locations!!

Deutsch 2
Giving Street directions in German, Part 1
Giving Street directions in German, Part 2 - Lost in Hannoversch Münden
Present Perfect Tense - Notes
Exercise - past participles of German Verbs.

Deutsch 3
Wiederholung - Autoteile
Quiz - Mittwoch dieser Woche - Grammatik, Lektion 11A

Deutsch 4
Der Harz 
Goethes Faust
Goethes Faust, WIkipediaseite - Überblick der Tragödie