Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kurze Woche, diese Woche . . . Naja....

Came back to work after my trip to Michigan to several touching cards hung on the well, devised by my caring students. I appreciated that a great deal. I'll take pictures of the cards and post them here shortly. It'll include a funny caricature of yours truly that I'm happy to share.

Deutsch 1
Wo ist denn dein Bruder? - conversation
sein - to be - conjugation and exercises.
Telling Time - notes
telling time - conversation exercise

Deutsch 2
travel vocabulary  - notes
Essay Assignment - im Perfekt!
some weak verbs - conversation
Case in German - short explication - ignore the Genitive Case for now!

Deutsch 3
Conversation exercise with ob
Conversation exercise with weil
Weißt du das?? - conversation combining ob and dass

Deutsch 4
Relative Pronouns - review
Relative Pronouns - big review from the University of Michigan 
Relative Clauses - another review site from Dartmouth University 

AP Deutsch
Elf Söhne - another story to tackle by Franz Kafka