Saturday, August 23, 2014


It was great seeing many parents and students at the open house Thursday evening. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to a fantastic year with everyone working towards common goals and showing growth not only in German but also in life in general. Stay in touch per email: And students remember: use your Wake County Email Accounts when communicating with your teachers. More information will be forthcoming and students from last year can get their passwords reset in the media center or student services. When you get it reset: DON'T FORGET THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD! There is a link at kandah,org, on the righthand side, towards the bottom, to your Wake County Email account login screen. Learn how to use this account.

Get used to how this blog is organized; this is where you'll get your homework assignments, links to valuable resources needed for your homework, and general and specific announcements. Often one entry will include all my classes throughout the week, with multiple days, updated. I'll mention when the website is updated with new material.

Read the syllabi at the previous entry: When you fully understand the syllabus, please fill out the form corresponding to your German class:

German 1 Information form - click the link and fill out it!
German 2 Information form  click and fill!
German 3 Information form
German 4 Information form
AP German information form

You should all get and use a google account. Their online products, like the blogging function, youtube, Google Drive, email Google Voice are pretty useful, and I will utilize them in our class this year.

One important google-based activity I will utilize is the online timeline creator at Visit the site and explore how timelines are created using this tool. It's mildly complex, but it creates awesome online timelines. We'll study how this is done in class.