Sunday, September 28, 2014

Es ist Herbst! Und Oktober 2014 beginnt diese Woche.....

Deutsch 1
On Friday of this week there will be a test on Chapter Two. The main topics of this chapter include:
  1. family relationship words
  2. Question words in German
  3. Formation of Yes/No questions
  4. Numbers from 21 on
  5. Days of the week
  6. telling time
  7. Genders of common German nouns.
Exercises dealing with these topics can be found at an earlier blog post. 
Wo ist er? Wo ist sie? Conversation
Exercise on Interrogatives, yes/no questions, verb conjugations
Online Quiz - Interrogatives!
Important time expressions in German

Deutsch 2
On Friday of this week there will be a test on Kapitel 2 - Im Sommer! Topics include:
  1. vocabulary dealing with Jugendherbergen
  2. reflexive verbs
  3. camping vocabulary
  4. personal pronouns in the accusative and dative case
In der Jugendherberge! Vocabulary review!
Reflexive Verb Exercise - Conversation!
Conversation exercise utilizing accusative case pronouns 
Conversation exercise utilizing both accusative and dative case personal pronouns

Deutsch 3
You should know the principal parts of these strong verbs.
an der Kreuzung

Deutsch 4
We have a test on Thema 2 and Kapitel 2 on Friday of this week.