Sunday, August 30, 2015

die zweite Woche Beginnt!!

Well done last week, everyone! It was great connecting with students from the last years at Enloe, and with those who traveled to Germany last summer. Of course, it's also great to see new faces in our German classes. I hope for great times in the coming weeks.

German 1
Quiz on Monday - Greetings and Introductions.
Notebook check later this week: rewrite your notes, organize them anew.
Asking how old somebody is
Asking how someone is - Wie geht's?
Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs in German
Identifying classroom objects
Asking and telling where somebody is from.
Großstädte in Deutschland - große Liste
Printable Map of Germany
Woher kommst du? Wo liegt Kiel?

German 2
Travel Vocabulary
comparative and superlative forms of German adjectives

German 3
Skits: eine Begegnung in der Stadtmitte
Conjunctions in German - a handout (print and do at home)
Word order and subordinating conjunctions - handouts 

AP German / Deutsch 4
der Video-Bericht - Anmerkungsblatt für unsre Video-Aufgaben - für Deutsch 4 auch!
Videobericht - Anmerkungsblatt
Tagesereignis - Anmerkungsblatt.
Vokabel für das nächste Quiz - Mittwoch! - nur AP Deutsch 
Meinungen ausdrücken - auf Deutsch! 
Worum geht's? Meinungen ausdrücken, Teil 2

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