Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hello everyone! It was nice to see the many many parents who came to the open house on Thursday evening. As promised, my goal is to keep updated and fresh with the current news of Enloe's German classes. If you hadn't noticed, is a blog, with the most recent entry at the top, and the other entries in reverse chronological order. Scroll down to see previous entries. Stay in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to serving you all this year!!

German 1
Course Guidelines for the year - read and understand!
German 1 Curriculum Arcs
Rhythms of the course - overview
Greetings in German, Part 1
Greetings in German, Part 2
Greetings in German, Part 3
Wie heißt du?? 
Asking who other people are. Identifying people.
Massive collection of German first names
Common German last names 
Top ten baby names from around the world - scroll down for Germany 
Conversation - Hallo!! Kennst du Holger?
Adjectives describing People

German 2
Course Guidelines for the year - read and understand!! 

German 3
Landkarte Projekt

AP German
Hauptthemen - Assoziogramme!
Übungsgrammatik - Erwartungen und Erfordnisse
Redewendungen und wichtige Vokabeln, bis zur Übung 5