Saturday, May 5, 2007

Early May 2007

I posted something at my education issues blog, something mostly on the current composition of my German 1 class this semester. Some general observations, nothing major. A fellow teacher remarked how blogs are silly little vanity things, and she asked why anyone would want to pour their hearts out to anonymous cybernauts everywhere. I told her in my case, and everyone has a case, I just do this to consolidate my thoughts, my idea matrices. Since I am a public high school teacher, it makes sense for my community to get insights into my thinking doesn't it?

My wife also looked at and remarked how there are few pictures, too much reading. A common complaint by todays gee-whiz / cheese whiz generation, people who need to be titilated at every turn. So to that end I offer up a picture of the sombrero galaxy as seen through various filters.

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