Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Late May, 2007

A few updates to the webpage, nothing major, just the addition of a few favorite links to the right. These websites were removed temporarily, but now they return, allowing me easier access to news sources I need and enjoy. A personal website, if anything, allows you to manage the WWW to your liking, to keep things easy to access. By default, it's a window into someone's personality. In short, a website is whatever you want it to be.

Like for instance, a place to post a recent picture I took on the West Virginia turnpike, while travelling from Michigan with family members. I like the lush green background of the West Virginia hills, and thought I would share it here.

Or maybe even a short snippet from a current album I am listening to, one by the late great Frank Zappa, called Imaginary Diseases. It's a live recording of his Petit Wazoo band, a more streamlined version of the big band music he was experimenting with in the early 1970s, post-Flo and Eddie. Until I find a useful way of delivering this audio from blogger, I'll just give the link to the beginning 20 seconds of the DC Boogie from the Frank Zappa record, Imaginary Diseases.

The Educational Musings link to the right, Issues at Southern, needs an update and soon I'll prepare a final summative report of my time at Southern this past year. A good year it has been, and I intend to enjoy more good years at Southern.

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