Thursday, May 24, 2007

Webacademy Year Wrapping up

The past year saw me teaching German online to a bunch of high-school students from around North Carolina, mostly Cumberland County. The Cumberland County Webacademy afforded me this opportunity to extend my German classrom outside the Durham area and into cyberspace for real-time, synchronous instruction. The students were great, the milieu of the Whiteboard and the chat window and the Microphone - yes I was speaking to them in real-time - was a milieu the kids understood. Ah, yes, Technology, the common language of the new generation. I hope to continue with this work next Fall in the newly constituted North Carolina Virtual Public School, which builds upon the successes of the Webacademy and creates a statewide umbrella for not just North Carolina students, but also for anyone around the world. Thanks, students, for an outstanding year of German online. Above to the left is a screenshot of last night's final Live Classroom Session. Get a taste of the CyberGerman, gone live!

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